Some of the more keen-eyed of you may have noticed my over use of the term ‘Graphic Design’ in my descriptions! Using the word ‘Graphic Design’ is simply good SEO practice so please do not take offence at its overuse. I may also overuse the words ‘Creative Design’, ‘Creative’, ‘Freelance’, ‘Designer’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Graphic Designer’ on a regular basis! So if you need any ‘Graphic Design’ please get in touch!


  1. Hi Ttgraphicdesign,
    Speaking of which, I already have a 2 year certification for graphic design from the vocational school i went to in high school. But before i spent lots of money on a degree i just want some type of reassurance that the jobs are there and at least decent.
    My ultimate goal is to be an artist…but i know how realistic that is, so i need a backup plan.
    Any and all advice, tips, and so on would be so much appreciated…thanks.
    Kindest Regards

    • JR

      I am not sure I agree fully with TT’s response (sorry TT). CS: A little research into this will go a long way. As you already have the benefit of knowing which aspects of design you love, enjoy and excel in through immersion in the vocational program, do some searches on engines like monster, careerbuilder and with those listed as keywords. Don’t limit the time frame of your search so you can see job offerings that date back much further than you typically would if actually search for a job. Review the job descriptions: are there any that are fully and completely appealing to you? Are most requiring you to be versed in an area of design you just abhor? Do you have strong skills in ALL of the required areas to fulfill the responsibilities of the position? Trends I have noticed include: a decrease in the quantity and quality of graphic design positions due, one can assume, to a saturated graphic design pool. A grouping of graphic design into other jobs – so that design can’t be your only shtick; you’ll also need to be, for example, an excellent programmer, writer, artist, event coordinator, social media marketer or have some training and experience in PR or marketing – and have the additional degrees/certifications/portfolio pieces to back those claims. I’d like to add here that a significant number of these positions are what you might consider “administrative” or “middle management” where there is no one reporting to you and your direct report is not a creative director (so you’ve now been typecast as “support” and may find it challenging to generate any vertical momentum in your career).

      If, after this research, you decide to pursue design I would strongly recommend branding yourself and immersing yourself online through blogging, a website, facebook, twitter and linkedin. Keep your posts current and relevant – and for goodness sake, proofread! It will take several months to a year to generate a healthy internet network that can feed your career.

      Good Luck!

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